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i just said up yours, baby

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e is love

[1] the basics:
name: andy
age: 22
placed: i live in hell
parts: male

[2] Favorites:
bands: eels, nin, sigur ros, interpol, otep, b.r.m.c, tool, armor for sleep, the kills, coachwhips, smashing pumpkins, lcd soundsystem, eagles of death metal, metallica, godspeed you black emperor, horse the band, boys night out, the shins, the wrens, honorary title, animal collective, foo fighters, him, vendetta red, nirvana, 30 seconds to mars, the blood brothers
books: the alchemist, the drawing of the three, lolita, where the wild things are, dreamcatcher
movies: donnie darko, i heart huckabees, eastern promises, the proposition, there will be blood shawshank redemption, american history x, mulholland drive, evil dead, leaving las vegas, magnolia, zodiac, juno, knocked up, superbad, untitled, the machinist, henry, leon: the professional
tv shows: law and order: svu, mash, the flintstones, family guy, undeclared, wonderfalls, six feet under, carnivale, dark angel, arrested development
food: anything italian, mac 'n cheese, green apples, berries, cereal

[3] other info:
phobias: bees!
pet peeves: organization, grahmerr, dangerous ignorance, rigid structure of my own life, people
likes: music, movies, discussing movies and music, politics in small doses, sleeping, photography, tiffany, sex, the ball pit, wandering around, writing, christopher walken
dislikes: racism, people discrimination, most of my family, long division, big brother, ehh
misc: i want everyone to shut up. my passion is film. i wanna be a writer-slash-director when i grow up

and when the day arrives
I'll become the sky
and I'll become the sea

and the sea will come to kiss me
for I am going home
nothing can stop me now

la mer
aimee mann, alice in chains, almost famous, avril lavigne, bad religion, baths, bdsm, beck, black and white, black rebel motorcycle club, black sabbath, bondage, bush, capturing the friedmans, casino, cheap stuff, chef boyardee, comfy couches, dark angel, dashboard confessional, decadence, domination, donnie brasco, donnie darko, ed wood, edward scissorhands, elliot smith, explosions in the sky, finding neverland, foo fighters, friends show, from hell, ghost world, godspeed you black emperor, green day, hating local bands, hating the multiplex, hellboy, hot tubs, i heart huckabees, interpol, italian food, jager-bombs, jimi hendrix, killswitch engage, kinsey, kitties, kmfdm, laser shows, law and order, law and order: svu, leaving las vegas, leon: the professional, liz phair, long showers, long showers with tiffany, lord of the rings, marilyn manson, mark oliver everett, mars attacks!, metallica, movies, mulholland drive, music, nakedness with tiffany, narc, nine inch nails, nirvana, norah jones, offspring, otep, photo development, photography, pizza, rain, relaxing, requiem for a dream, rough sex, rough sex with tiffany, rum, scaring the elderly, schindler's list, sex with tiffany, shadows fall, sigur ros, silverchair, sitting, slayer, sleeping, sleepy hollow, smashing pumpkins, some hot topic stuff, soundgarden, spaghettios, stabbing westward, stuff, taking back sunday, the cardigans, the eels, the exorcist, the flaming lips, the grand cinema, the machinist, the postal service, the raveonettes, the shawshank redemption, the shins, the virgin suicides, the woodsman, the wrens, thrice, tiffany, tool, trent reznor, tying tiffany up, underworld, vodka, white zombie, writing, x2